Monday, February 18, 2013

An Unexpected Letter for Hermione

Hi Hermione,

I know you must be surprise for receiving this letter. Well...I surprise myself also for writing it.

The thing is...errmmm...there's something I wanna talk to you (and ask for that matter), but I'm so nervous about it. So Harry suggested me to write it in letter. He said I could try and if you're okay and not offended by what I said, then I could proceed and ask the real question. I think that's a good idea, so here I am, trying...

What I wanna say is...errr...ehhmm...oh shoot! Why is it so hard, Hermione? I mean, it's you, it's us. It's usually easy for me to say anything I want to you, so this nervousness is killing me. Well not literary kills me since I could still write for now, but you already know that and I'm rambling. Great! ( ps : Harry & Ginny are rolling their eyes now at me).

Okay, so back to topic. This is us, so it should be easy.  There are many aspects that I like from us.
I like that we are so equal. Remember those days when we fought Voldemort alongside Harry? I like how we took turns being more or less prominent in Harry’s fighting, how we took turns being his solution or another source of his headache, but whatever we did, we never overpowered the other. We kicked butts together.

And talk about the equal, ever heard how people comments that we are the opposite attraction kind of thing?  Yeah, that's true.
I mean, we have a very different background with me coming from a pure blood and you're a muggle born, yet here we are on the same page in this world because in the deepest cores we are far more alike than unalike.

And it's not only our background which make us different. There's also the fact that we have different approaches to life and problems. For us, it's like you're the head and I'm the heart. And...OUCH! (Ginny just kicked me, she said what I just wrote means that you don't have a heart).

Of course, Ginny's wrong. I don't mean to say that.
What I'm trying to say is, you're the type that, when faced with problems, gonna use your head first, because you're a highly logical person who will look past extraneous detail and perceive things clearly.
While know me. More often than not, I let my emotion and heart controlled things for me when I should use my brain first. Thank the Good Lord, I have you who teach me how to use my head more often.
See? You equalize me, Hermione.

I also like our bickering. Wait...scratch that. I love our bickering. I love how you could catch up with my wit and sarcastic comments then answer it with smart and more sarcastic comments. Kinda have to admit that I can't get enough of our banters. No one can push my smart-mouth button the way you do.

So with all that above, it's suffice to say that not only I like us, but I also love us.

And it's not only us that I love. Needless to say, I also love you.
You're intelligent, observant, patient, brave, have a kind heart and...Well, I'm sure you're aware of your capabilities. But what you maybe don't know is your influence on me.
You challenge me in your own way.

Remember our days back in Hogwarts? How I used to ask you to just copy your homework? And you said no. You demanded me (well actually it was me and Harry, but somehow it's not right to bring his name into this. Oh no...I'm rambling again. Sorry). demanded me to try solving it by myself first. I know that the reason you didn't just let me copy them wasn't because you're so tight to the rules (if you were, then why you let us copy your homework once?). But because somehow, you knew that I could do it on my own if only I tried harder. You trusted me back then, and you still continue to trust me untill now.
And your trust has challenged me. Because of that, I'm willing to try harder and be better.

And you also inspire me. How's that, you may ask?'s the back story :'s widely known that you have a vast knowledge in wizarding world. But what's with knowledge about another things? Things outside wizarding, I mean.
So I've got this inspiration to find out any interesting facts about random subjects. I even used encyclopedia to find them.

Okay...I'm sure you know it's a bullshit. Me and encyclopedia?Yeah...pffttt.
I used the internet though (Dean taught me how to use it). And's a very smart and helpfull tools. I know I used to laugh at some of Muggle's invention coz it's so silly, but not this internet thingy. It's so much easier to just type in some words rather than open a thick encyclopedia and flipping through its pages one by one, don't you think?
(PS : Harry just said I'm rambling again. Sorry)'s what I found :
  • Did you know that cats spend 70% of their lives asleep? You might wanna go check the sleep pattern of your cat. If it doesn't sleep enough, you better do something about that. You're welcome by the way.
  • Did you know that taking a short nap after learning something new can actually help your memory? See... now you know why I always try to get a nap after school-time. To help my memory, what else?
  • Did you know that there's this study titled "The Effect of Peanut Butter on The Rotation of The Earth"? It's a study co-authored by hundreds of physicists and the result is only one sentence long : "So far as we can determine, peanut butter has no effect on the rotation of the earth". Duh...what kind of research is that? See...not all research is great. So might wanna tone down your interest on research a bit now. Just a suggestion.
  • Did you know that Apple app store once sold an "I Am Rich" application which cost $999.99 to purchase and the app did nothing? Well I don't know what Apple app store is, but this information's funny though.
  • Did you know that in Germany it's not illegal to try to escape from prison because it's basic human instinct to be free? Wow...I've never been this happy knowing Azkaban isn't on Germany.
  • Did you know that calling 1(781) 452-4077 will actually put you through to the Hogwarts Hotline, where you can learn more information about the school? Wait...what??? So muggles actually know about us? much for secrecy thingy eh?
  • Did you know that fireflies emit light mostly to attract mates? The male firefly will fly, while females will chill out and wait in trees, shrubs or grasses to spot an attractive male. If she finds the one she likes, she’ll signal him with a flash of her own.
So...ehem...with that last piece of fact, comes the most important question and the main reason for this letter :
 "Will you light up your butt for me, Hermione?"
 I mean it for the long haul. Becaue I still have many of these interesting-mind-boggling-but-unimportant facts to tell you and errr...ehmm...because I think we're sort of a forever kind of thing.

Let me rephrase the last question then. Here it is :
"Will you light up your butt for me for as long as we both shall live, Hermione?"


PS :
1. This entry is posted for Hotter Potter's February Meme. Ron & Hermione is one of my favorite couple from Harry Potter's world. Why? It's the same reason why Ron loves "us" and why Ron loves Hermione.

2. This entry also posted for "Surat Cinta Untukmu" event from Ren's blog. I got this idea when I read about this event.

3. All that interesting-mind-boggling-but-unimportant-facts can be found here. That piece about firefly is from


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  3. Wow keren mbak, satu posting untuk 2 even sekaligus.Dan fakta-fakta unik dibawahnya menarik. BEneran yah, ada aplikasi "i am rich", trus ada orang begok yang be;i gitu mbak? *gatel buat googling juga*

    1. Hahaha....beneran, Gea. I don't make it up. Googling aja. Aku juga nyngir pas baca ttg iamrich itu. Iseng amat ya apple

  4. Sudah lama ya aku nggak ke sini? Perasaan terakhir kali aku liat blog ini, theme-nya nggak kayak gini..

    Eh ya, aneh Ron nggak nyebut-nyebut dia cemburu waktu Hermione bela-belain dandan demi pergi ke pesta dansa bareng Viktor Krum. Apakah itu bukan fakta yang menarik?

    1. Iya, vic. Udah bosen sama theme lama, ganti deh *blogger pembosan*

      Tipe kayak Ron mau ngaku kalo dia cemburu? I don't think so.
      Nulis surat ini aja udah agak2 out of character buat Ron sebenernya :))

  5. aku juga suka pasangan Ron-Hermione :-)
    and i do, love this letter.
    gud luck mb dewi :)

  6. Wow!!! Love it!!! Ditambah fakta2 unik yang menyertainya,,, Sisi romantis Ron hihihi

    1. Hahaha....agak2 out of character ya buat Ron :))

  7. like it dewi!! =D I'm melting =)

    1. Makasi, mbak. Tapi sebenernya ngarep yang melting itu Hermione X)

  8. *speechless*
    that was so so so cute ..

  9. they are the best couple ever ya Mba :)

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    1. Amin. Tapi yakin, lun? Tau sejarah Hermione kan?

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  11. "Will you light up your butt for me, Hermione?"

    Bhuahahahaha...ini bikin ngakak. Tapi baca surat ini juga bikin meleleh :')
    Thanks partisipasinya mbak.

  12. gara-gara ngerjain GA lo mba, skrang gw nyasar di postingan ini..dan bkin gw ngakak2 dong di kantor..duuhhhh bikin melting banget kebayang tampang ron sambil nulis itu hihihihihi