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An Unexpected Letter for Hermione

Hi Hermione,

I know you must be surprise for receiving this letter. Well...I surprise myself also for writing it.

The thing is...errmmm...there's something I wanna talk to you (and ask for that matter), but I'm so nervous about it. So Harry suggested me to write it in letter. He said I could try and if you're okay and not offended by what I said, then I could proceed and ask the real question. I think that's a good idea, so here I am, trying...

What I wanna say is...errr...ehhmm...oh shoot! Why is it so hard, Hermione? I mean, it's you, it's us. It's usually easy for me to say anything I want to you, so this nervousness is killing me. Well not literary kills me since I could still write for now, but you already know that and I'm rambling. Great! ( ps : Harry & Ginny are rolling their eyes now at me).

Okay, so back to topic. This is us, so it should be easy.  There are many aspects that I like from us.
I like that we are so equal. Remember those days when we fought Voldemort alongside Harry? I like how we took turns being more or less prominent in Harry’s fighting, how we took turns being his solution or another source of his headache, but whatever we did, we never overpowered the other. We kicked butts together.

And talk about the equal, ever heard how people comments that we are the opposite attraction kind of thing?  Yeah, that's true.
I mean, we have a very different background with me coming from a pure blood and you're a muggle born, yet here we are on the same page in this world because in the deepest cores we are far more alike than unalike.

And it's not only our background which make us different. There's also the fact that we have different approaches to life and problems. For us, it's like you're the head and I'm the heart. And...OUCH! (Ginny just kicked me, she said what I just wrote means that you don't have a heart).

Of course, Ginny's wrong. I don't mean to say that.
What I'm trying to say is, you're the type that, when faced with problems, gonna use your head first, because you're a highly logical person who will look past extraneous detail and perceive things clearly.
While know me. More often than not, I let my emotion and heart controlled things for me when I should use my brain first. Thank the Good Lord, I have you who teach me how to use my head more often.
See? You equalize me, Hermione.

I also like our bickering. Wait...scratch that. I love our bickering. I love how you could catch up with my wit and sarcastic comments then answer it with smart and more sarcastic comments. Kinda have to admit that I can't get enough of our banters. No one can push my smart-mouth button the way you do.

So with all that above, it's suffice to say that not only I like us, but I also love us.

And it's not only us that I love. Needless to say, I also love you.
You're intelligent, observant, patient, brave, have a kind heart and...Well, I'm sure you're aware of your capabilities. But what you maybe don't know is your influence on me.
You challenge me in your own way.

Remember our days back in Hogwarts? How I used to ask you to just copy your homework? And you said no. You demanded me (well actually it was me and Harry, but somehow it's not right to bring his name into this. Oh no...I'm rambling again. Sorry). demanded me to try solving it by myself first. I know that the reason you didn't just let me copy them wasn't because you're so tight to the rules (if you were, then why you let us copy your homework once?). But because somehow, you knew that I could do it on my own if only I tried harder. You trusted me back then, and you still continue to trust me untill now.
And your trust has challenged me. Because of that, I'm willing to try harder and be better.

And you also inspire me. How's that, you may ask?'s the back story :'s widely known that you have a vast knowledge in wizarding world. But what's with knowledge about another things? Things outside wizarding, I mean.
So I've got this inspiration to find out any interesting facts about random subjects. I even used encyclopedia to find them.

Okay...I'm sure you know it's a bullshit. Me and encyclopedia?Yeah...pffttt.
I used the internet though (Dean taught me how to use it). And's a very smart and helpfull tools. I know I used to laugh at some of Muggle's invention coz it's so silly, but not this internet thingy. It's so much easier to just type in some words rather than open a thick encyclopedia and flipping through its pages one by one, don't you think?
(PS : Harry just said I'm rambling again. Sorry)'s what I found :
  • Did you know that cats spend 70% of their lives asleep? You might wanna go check the sleep pattern of your cat. If it doesn't sleep enough, you better do something about that. You're welcome by the way.
  • Did you know that taking a short nap after learning something new can actually help your memory? See... now you know why I always try to get a nap after school-time. To help my memory, what else?
  • Did you know that there's this study titled "The Effect of Peanut Butter on The Rotation of The Earth"? It's a study co-authored by hundreds of physicists and the result is only one sentence long : "So far as we can determine, peanut butter has no effect on the rotation of the earth". Duh...what kind of research is that? See...not all research is great. So might wanna tone down your interest on research a bit now. Just a suggestion.
  • Did you know that Apple app store once sold an "I Am Rich" application which cost $999.99 to purchase and the app did nothing? Well I don't know what Apple app store is, but this information's funny though.
  • Did you know that in Germany it's not illegal to try to escape from prison because it's basic human instinct to be free? Wow...I've never been this happy knowing Azkaban isn't on Germany.
  • Did you know that calling 1(781) 452-4077 will actually put you through to the Hogwarts Hotline, where you can learn more information about the school? Wait...what??? So muggles actually know about us? much for secrecy thingy eh?
  • Did you know that fireflies emit light mostly to attract mates? The male firefly will fly, while females will chill out and wait in trees, shrubs or grasses to spot an attractive male. If she finds the one she likes, she’ll signal him with a flash of her own.
So...ehem...with that last piece of fact, comes the most important question and the main reason for this letter :
 "Will you light up your butt for me, Hermione?"
 I mean it for the long haul. Becaue I still have many of these interesting-mind-boggling-but-unimportant facts to tell you and errr...ehmm...because I think we're sort of a forever kind of thing.

Let me rephrase the last question then. Here it is :
"Will you light up your butt for me for as long as we both shall live, Hermione?"


PS :
1. This entry is posted for Hotter Potter's February Meme. Ron & Hermione is one of my favorite couple from Harry Potter's world. Why? It's the same reason why Ron loves "us" and why Ron loves Hermione.

2. This entry also posted for "Surat Cinta Untukmu" event from Ren's blog. I got this idea when I read about this event.

3. All that interesting-mind-boggling-but-unimportant-facts can be found here. That piece about firefly is from

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Pushing The Limits

Judul : Pushing The Limits
Penulis : Katie McGarry
Penerbit : Harlequin Teen
Tahun Terbit 2012
Format : Ebook

 Sometimes it takes only one night to turn your life upside down...

Echo Emerson tampak memiliki segalanya : cantik, cerdas, bakat besar di bidang melukis, termasuk geng siswa populer dan berpacaran dengan seorang bintang basket di SMU mereka.
Namun dalam satu malam semuanya berbalik 180 derajat.
Echo tak ingat apa yang terjadi pada malam menentukan itu. Yang pasti dia terbangun di rumah sakit dengan luka besar di lengannya serta informasi bahwa sang ibu kandunglah pelakunya. Ketika dia kembali ke sekolah, sudah beredar gosip bahwa dia mencoba bunuh diri dan berakibat pada pengucilan Echo. Saat ini yang Echo inginkan hanyalah kembali hidup normal dan itu hanya bisa didapat bila dia bisa mendapatkan memorinya lagi.

Dalam satu malam juga hidup Noah Hutchins berubah drastis.
Tadinya dia adalah bintang basket dengan prestasi akademis bagus dan keluarga harmonis. Namun kebakaran menewaskan kedua orang tuanya dan membuat Noah serta kedua adiknya harus ditempatkan dalam rumah asuh. Karena suatu insiden, Noah ditempatkan di rumah asuh yang berbeda dengan kedua adiknya, hak berkunjung pun dibatasi. Saat ini yang diinginkan Noah hanyalah segera lulus dan mendapatkan hak asuh kedua adiknya.

Berkat campur tangan Mrs. Collins (school conseulor), mereka berdua dipertemukan. Echo perlu uang untuk memperbaiki mobil Aires. Noah butuh bimbingan supaya dia lulus tepat waktu.
Dan dua individu yang terkucil ini menemukan kesamaan di diri satu sama lain. Mereka pun berjanji untuk saling membantu menipu Mrs. Collins demi mencapai "tujuan" mereka.
Akankah rencana  itu berhasil?

Saya membaca buku ini tanpa ekspektasi apa-apa. Yap, saya tahu ratingnya tinggi di Goodreads. Tapi somehow, sinopsis dan covernya tidak membuat saya tertarik.
Ternyata saya sangat menikmati bacaan saya kali ini. And here's why :

1. The Story

Yang saya suka adalah, saya ngerasa bisa "percaya" sama cerita ini. Konflik batin yang dihadapi Echo dan Noah untuk menemukan kembali sedikit dunia lama mereka bisa saya pahami.

Emang sih, agak ngeselin liat betapa pengennya Echo diterima lagi oleh geng popularnya. Padahal dia tahu kalo sebagian besar teman itu meninggalkannya saat dia jatuh. Kok ya masih aja dia mo berusaha untuk masuk kembali ke lingkungan populer itu? Kalo saya sih bakal ngambil sikap : "This is me. Take it or leave it."
Lalu saya teringat kayak gimana situasinya di SMU dulu, gimana pentingnya acceptance di pergaulan. Masa sekolah saya tergolong cukup normal, jadi saya kurang paham perasaan Echo. Tapi saya bisa kebayang gimana gak enaknya dikucilkan. Dan karenanya saya bisa ngerti usaha dia untuk diterima kembali.

Dan malah lebih bisa "relate" dengan inner conflictnya.

See...satu hal dari Echo adalah : at least people in her life still there after "that" incident. Yep things had changed, but no one's dead in her case. And for me, as long as the people still alive then there would always a chance to make things right again. No matter how small that chance is, but it still exists somehow.
"They’d never know that they lost the two most amazing people on the face of the planet. They’d never know how the loss had torn me up every single day of my life."
Noah Hutchins-
But Noah is a whole different case.
After that day, he practically lost everything : his parents, his stable life, his future.
Dan yang paling menyakitkan bagi Noah adalah kenangan.
Kenangan akan masa indah yg sudah lewat dan gak bakal bisa kembali. Kenangan akan orang menakjubkan yang sayangnya gak akan dikenal oleh orang banyak. Dan yang paling pahit bagi Noah adalah kedua adiknya tidak mengingat orang tua mereka.

Boy, I know that feeling very well.
My younget brother still a little kid when dad had passed away. And I really want him to know more about this greatest person on earth which is our dad.
Saya ngerti banget kenapa Noah selalu bercerita tentang orang tuanya pada kedua adiknya. Alasan yang sama yang bikin Noah pengen banget tinggal bareng adiknya seperti dulu. Supaya ada perasaan semuanya masih tetap sama dan bahwa orang tua mereka akan selalu "diingat".

Saya gak bilang itu pilihan yang bijaksana. Tapi saya ngerti godaan untuk memaksakan "memori tentang orang tersayang" ke orang lain. So I could relate to Noah well.

2. Gaya Penulisan
Well...sebenernya sih ada sedikit masalah dengan gaya penulisan McGary yang suka repetitif itu. Misalnya tentang deskripsi fisik dan karakter Echo & Noah yang itu-itu aja dan diulang melulu (_ _").
Tapi untungnya, di Pushing The Limits McGary bercerita dengan gaya POV 1 dari sisi Noah dan Echo bergantian. Dengan begini, saya lebih bisa mengerti perasaan dan pikiran Noah dan Echo.

3. Karakternya

Saya suka cara penulis membuat karakter dua tokoh utamanya. There are so many layers inside of them.
“Are you ready to take the ACT on Saturday?" my father asked.
Did chickens enjoy being put on trucks labeled KFC? "Sure.”
- Echo Emerson-
Pada awalnya, Echo terlihat sebagai gadis cerdas nan sinis sementara Noah...yah...tipikal remaja tukang madat nan playboy. In some ways, they're unpleasant to be with :).

Tapi saat cerita berlanjut, kita dibawa untuk membuka lapisan lebih dalam dari Echo dan Noah. Ternyata, mereka hanyalah dua manusia pahit yang pernah punya masa depan cerah dan saat ini selalu menyesali semua yang telah hilang. Bisa dipahami kalo mereka jadi pahit ketika semua itu terenggut paksa.
“The worst type of crying wasn't the kind everyone could see--the wailing on street corners, the tearing at clothes. No, the worst kind happened when your soul wept and no matter what you did, there was no way to comfort it. A section withered and became a scar on the part of your soul that survived. For people like me and Echo, our souls contained more scar tissue than life.”
-Noah Hutchins-
Tepat seperti itulah mereka. Dua orang yang menangis dalam diam, namun terluka paling dalam. Dan McGary mampu menyampaikan kesedihan Echo dan Noah dengan sangat baik hingga saya turut merasakan those silent tears.

Namun bukan hanya 2 karakter utama saja yang menarik.
Saya juga suka dengan Mrs. Collins, counselor mereka. Berkat Mrs. Collins lah Echo dan Noah berani belajar untuk percaya lagi. Senang mengetahui ada sosok dewasa yg membimbing mereka.

Lalu ibu tiri Echo.
See...selama ini kita mengenal sang ibu tiri hanya via narasi Echo, so naturally kita pun sepaham dengan Echo. Belakangan saya sadar betapa salahnya membuat asumsi tanpa melihat dari sisi lain :D.
“I wrote about the person I love most, my older brother, Noah. We don't live together so I wrote what I imagine he does when we're not together."
"And what is that?" prodded the stout man.
"He's a superhero who saves people in danger, because he saved me and my brother from dying in a fire a couple of years ago. Noah is better than Batman."
-Jacob Hutchins on his winning speech-
Dan kedua adik Noah, terutama Jacob. They both stole my heart. Kedua adiknya inilah yang mencegah Noah dari kehancuran total.
Saya terharu sewaktu melihat betapa Jacob masih begitu percaya dan sayang sama Noah bahkan setelah semua yang terjadi. We all need at least someone who would trust us 100%, no matter what had happened. Glad for Noah because he has that.

4. Character Development

Ini juga satu aspek yang bikin buku ini "juara" buat saya. Karena Echo dan Noah yang ada di awal buku sungguh berbeda dengan yang di akhir.

Echo dan Noah berkembang di sepanjang buku ini, tapi perkembangan itu tidak terjadi secara instan. Gak ada satu peristiwa drastis yang memaksa mereka untuk langsung "berubah". Sebaliknya, McGary memintal adegan demi adegan, merangkai kata demi kata sehingga character development-nya Echo dan Noah terasa believable dan gak maksa.
"We all started off this way—small little bundles of joy. Me, Aires, Noah, Lila, Isaiah and even Beth. At some point, someone held and loved us, but somewhere along the way, it all got screwed up."
-Echo Emerson-
Kalimat itu emang gak begitu berkesan dibanding kutipan lain dari buku ini, tapi kalimat itu yang bikin saya ngeh betapa jauh seorang Echo berubah. Betapa Echo kini belajar melihat hal dari perspektif berbeda.
“Why is it when people are proud of me that my life sucks?” - Noah Hutchins-
“Because growing up means making tough choices, and doing the right thing doesn’t necessarily mean doing the thing that feels good.” -Mrs. Collins-
Saya gak mau bahas banyak tentang character development Noah di sini. Tapi kutipan itu semestinya cukuplah memberi tahu perubahan Noah.

5. Endingnya
“It doesn't get better," I said. "The pain. The wounds scab over and you don't always feel like a knife is slashing through you. But when you least expect it, the pain flashes to remind you you'll never be the same.”
-Noah Hutchins-
Satu bintang lagi untuk ending buku ini. Endingnya tipe kesukaan saya.
Not the kind of ending that full of sweet stuff, sunshine and roses. It's the kind of ending which told us that there are still lots of hard work ahead for Echo & Noah in terms of working through issues. But you could be sure that they would overcome whatever happens together. And that is enough :).

Kalo ada kekurangan buku ini, itu adalah rasa asing saya dengan konsep instalove-nya Echo dan Noah.
Dari sejak bertemu, langsung ada ketertarikan antara Echo dan Noah yang terus bertumbuh hingga akhir buku. Sebut itu semau anda : love at first sight, special sparks, chemistry, apapun itu. Pokoknya, saya sangsi dengan hal semacam itu. Tapi mungkin itu hanya saya sih.

Dan...sebenarnya saya heran. Sewaktu Echo dikira terluka karena mencoba bunuh diri, kenapa dia malah dikucilkan oleh teman-temannya ya? Kenapa gak ada yang simpati? What kind of cynical society we've build now? But put it aside...
Pushing The Limit tells us about many things. It's about how important it is to accept your self first before you could seek for society acceptance. It's also about learning to see each problem from different side of view.
And mainly : it's about keeping forward. No matter how bad your life is now, how deep in shit you are, just keep forward, keep moving. Because something better might come along later.

It's the kind of book that gave me heart wrenching feeling in some places, made me shed both happy and sad tears at several points in the story, but it was all worth it in the end. I finished this book smiling peacefully and hugging my ereader in bliss.

Five shiny stars for this book.

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The Rocker That Holds Me

Data Buku :
Judul : The Rocker That Holds Me
Penulis : Terri Anne Browning
Format : Kindle ebook
Rating : 3,5 out of 5 stars

Emmie dibesarkan di trailer park bersama ibu yang abuser. Sewaktu kecil, kalo dia butuh melarikan diri dari sang ibu (biasanya setiap habis dipukuli), Em akan lari ke trailer milik keluarganya Nik atau Jesse atau Shane dan Drake. Keempat rocker remaja yang berusia 10 tahun lebih tua ini telah menjadi pelindung Em sejak dia berusia 5 tahun.

Ketika Em berumur 16 tahun, ibunya meninggal. Saat itu Nik, Jesse, Shane dan Drake telah membentuk sebuah grup rock sukses bernama Demon's Wings.
Em pun diajak oleh keempat kakak angkatnya untuk ikut serta dalam tur keliling dunia mereka.

Lima tahun telah berlalu. Demon's Wings makin akrab dan femes. Emmie telah menjadi semacam manajer bagi band itu : mempersiapkan semua kebutuhan mereka, mengatur jadwal wawancara bahkan berurusan dengan para one-night-stand yang sering ngarep jadi many-nights-stand (istilah apa sih ini?).Anggota Demon's Wings sudah menganggap Emmie seperti adik mereka dan Emmie menganggap mereka kakak-nya. Kecuali untuk 1 orang.

Yep...ada 1 anggota yang diam-diam dicintai Emmie. Namun dia memilih untuk menyembunyikan perasaannya.
Hingga suatu saat Emmie sakit lumayan berat, yang memaksanya harus ke dokter. Dan sewaktu dokter memberi tahu penyebab sakitnya, Emmie sadar dia gak punya waktu lama untuk terus menyembunyikan perasaannya.

Buku ini tipis banget, cuma 99 halaman (masih bisa disebut novel gak ya?) dan ceritanya pun simpel banget, jadi saya sendiri surprise karena saya bisa suka sama buku ini. Apalagi karena sampe sekarang, mood saya masih untuk bacaan yang angsty.

Tapi saya suka dengan kerapihan jalinan cerita yang dirangkai penulisnya. Konfliknya ringan, tapi gak kacangan. Klimaks pun dibuka pada waktu yang pas.

Sejak baca sinopsisnya, saya sudah penasaran si Emmie sakit apa. Dan sepanjang baca, saya gak bisa yakin 100% sampai saat penulis mengungkapkannya.
Kayak gini pikiran saya sepanjang baca : "Ow...Emmie sakit A nih. Etapi kan cerita ini semestinya berakhir bahagia. Jadi gak mungkin ah. Apa Emmie sakit B? Tapi kok gak ada hint ke arah situ?"
Yep...buku ini memang diceritakan dari sudut pandang Emmie. Jadi si Emmie bebas nentuin mana yang mau dia ceritain, mana yang enggak. I enjoyed it though.

Tapi yang paling saya suka tuh : chemistry-nya.
Chemistry antara Emmie dan member Demon's Wings itu so sweet banget. Keliatan banget kalo mereka benar-benar sayang dan memperlakukan Emmie layaknya adik kandung.
Saya juga suka hubungan persahabatan anggota Demon's Wings  yang berasa akrab.

Namun sisi chemistry ini juga yang "kinda off" for me.
Maksudnya gini, Emmie itu akrab dengan Shane dan Drake, apalagi dengan Jesse. Terlihat jelas hubungan Emmie dengan Jesse lebih akrab dibandingkan hubungan Emmie dengan yang lain. Mereka udah seperti adik-kakak ato malah soulmate. It's undestandable if they fall for each other.

Tapi justru Nik-lah yang jadi love interest-nya Emmie, padahal chemistry mereka sebagai couple tuh kurang berasa. Daripada Nik, saya sih lebih milih Jesse jadi lead male-nya.Tapi yah...itu emang selera saya aja sih.
Masalahnya buku ini emang terlalu singkat untuk si penulis bisa explore lebih dalam chemistry yang lebih believable buat Nik dan Emmie, jadinya berasa kayak diburu-buru.

But overall sih saya sukaaaa.
Berharap banget ada kelanjutan novel ini, yang menceritakan nasib anggota band yang lain. I want more Jesse please.
And oh this book is a nice hello bye the way, Ms. Browning. :)

PS : Thanks buat temen tersayang yang niat beliin ebooknya. You do adore these rockers a lot eh? ;)

PPS : So I got this link from Terri Anne Browning herself. She said one of book blogger made an interview with Nik Armstrong to make readers could get to know him more. Read it, guys. And be "aaww"ed by Nik. Here's the link : click here

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Pengakuan SANG Secret Santa

*berhubung nyebut diri sendiri, boleh ya narsis dikit pake "sang"* #DikitDariManeWi?

Event tahunan BBI yaitu Secret Santa sudah akan berakhir (saya pernah menyinggung event ini di sini dan sini). Setelah kemarin rame dengan tebakan para X tentang siapa Santa-nya, maka kali ini giliran Santa lah yang membuka identitasnya. Oya buka identitas tuh bukan maksudnya pamer-pamer KTP lho yaaa #CumaLoeDoangYangMikirGituSihWi  (maap...ini emang garing).

Nah karena si X saya juga udah bisa nebak siapa santa-nya, jadi gak perlulah saya nulis namanya di sini. Ini kan waktunya saya untuk narsis, bukan dia. Hohohoho....... #DikepretSiX

Mending saya pamer riddle saya yang oh-sungguh-kacrut itu. Ini dia :
Who am I?
Reading is my passion but not so much with writing
I love books that most people think are a trash
Trash books that most people loved
I have profession that considered one of the oldest profession yet it never seems out of date
White coats and long nite shifts are part of my world.
Can You Guess Who I Am?
Muahaha....riddle itu sungguh penuh kode dari awal.
Reading is my passion but not so much with writing itu sebenarnya berawal dari sebuah keriaan di Goodreads. Waktu itu ada fans seorang penulis yang bete karena buku kesukaannya saya kasi review negatif. Dan karena ditantang nulis buku juga, maka terlontarlah pengakuan kalo saya emang suka baca, tapi gak doyan nulis, let alone nulis novel. Berhubung saya tahu si X mengikuti keriaan tersebut, saya kira dia akan ngeh dengan kalimat itu. *emang GR sekali ya saya* X)
 Kalo kalimat-kalimat berikutnya sih emang pasti ketebak ya. Yang demen sama buku "trash" sih (rasanya) cuma saya dan yah...profesi saya kan emang profesi tertua (bukaannn profesi saya itu bukan courtesan :p) *sapa juga yang mo nebak itu* >.<

Itu bukan satu-satunya riddle yang saya kirim dong. Hohoho.....
Saya mana puas sih kalo gak memanfaatkan momen apapun buat ngoceh dan narsis #plak. Jadi dengan isengnya, saya kirim satu riddle lagi ke si X. Dan inilah riddlenya :
Dear Angela,
Gemana...gemana? Surprise...surprise? Pasti iya kaaaaannnnn???
Hohoho...Santa-mu ini emang demen bikin orang terkejut ampe terjengkang. Hohohoho.....

Jadi gini alasan kenapa buku ini terpisah nyampenya dari buku lain.

Pada suatu hari di bulan Desember, Santa (yang waktu itu masih jadi manusia biasa dan belum jadi Santa) lagi asik ngemil cilok di pohon (Santa juga gak ngerti kenapa ampe bisa ngemil cilok di pohon? Kenapa gak di mall aja? Ato lebih bagus lagi, di pangkuan cowok ganteng seperti David Gandhy? Entahlah...MIsteri Ilahi memang).

Anyhoo...saat Santa udah ngabisin cilok 1 lusin dan bersiap melahap cireng 1 piring, tau-tau di langit lewat kereta kuda yang ditarik 7 ekor rusa (terdengar oxymoron gak sih kereta itu?) dan ada seorang kakek tua bullet berjanggut di atas kereta sambil ketawa-ketawa hohoho...
Jelas Santa girang banget liat ada orang yang ketawa siang-siang sambil terbang pula. Horeee...Santa gak absurd sendirian.

Maka dengan semangat, Santa pun manggil-manggil si kakek tua itu. "Hoooyyyy...engkooongg...hari cerah gini mo kemane? Mending makan cireng sini ame aye," teriak Santa dengan semangat sambil melambaikan sepiring cireng yang baru matang dan masih mengebul hangat.

Si kakek melirik ke arah Santa dan bertanya....
Lho? Cuma segitu aja?
Yee...pastinya enggak doonngg. Mana narsisnya kalo cuma segitu? :p.

Tapi untuk tahu kelanjutannya, anda-anda dipersilakan untuk membaca di blognya X saya, yaitu di sini.

Dan yep benar, X saya adalah Angela Noviana, pemilik blog Harlequin Romance Reviews.
Glad to have you as my X, phie. Saya beruntung dapat X yang tahan menerima kenarsisan dan ocehan saya yang idih banget itu. :))
Jadi makasi yaaaa sudah menjadi X-ku. :D